If the right decisions are not made today, future generations will be left to pay. On October 24th, vote for real solutions and positive change -- vote for Larissa Shasko.

A Tax-Payer Oriented Approach

- Improve efficiency, accountability, and transparency of City financial management

- End unnecessary overspending in non-essential areas to shift funds for the improvement of essential public services including infrastructure, public transit, and the humane society

Protecting Our Economy

- Focus on local job creation

- Market our city to attract new residents, tourists, industry, and businesses

- Address poverty and the lack of affordable housing

Improving Public Transportation

- Provide public transit service on evenings so that transit can be utilized as a primary mode of transportation for workers, Seniors, and families

- Address and prevent bus driver shortages through proper funding of the transit department

- Work to have the provincial government or a private company establish an affordable and convenient commuter bus service between Moose Jaw and Regina to increase access to career & education opportunities

Taking Infrastructure Seriously

- Stop neglecting our streets, sidewalks, water and sewer lines 

- Make our sidewalks wheelchair and scooter accessible through the addition of ramp access

- Progressively lobby the federal and provincial governments for money for infrastructure upgrades, creating local jobs in the process

Standing Up for Valley View Centre

- Take a progressive role to stand up for the staff and residents of Valley View Centre to ensure the jobs and services stay in Moose Jaw through the creation of a new, leaner facility.

Results-Based Recycling

Larissa Shasko is the only candidate for Council with years of experience in developing recycling and waste reduction strategies that will produce results.

Current proposals fail to address that 80-90% of the waste taken to our city landfill is generated by the commercial & industrial sectors, not the residential sector. A more comprehensive and cost effective program is needed.