On a local online forum, I was recently asked "if elected what will you bring to the table?"
My answer is as follows:

I will bring a willingness to work with others on Council in a cooperative manner to improve how Council functions. At the same time, I will be assertive and direct when needed to ensure improved governance. I will be committed to sound fiscal management. I will take a hands on approach to marketing our city to attract new businesses and industry and more tourists and new residents. I will seek out and work with private developers to inspire improvements to our city without the taxpayers being on the hook to pay. Economic development, community development, and improving public transportation will be key areas of focus for me. Above all, listening to Citizens and ensuring a professional atmosphere of respect on Council in order to do so will be my mandates. I won't hesitate to remind Council that they are the leaders of our city and are obligated to act accordingly.

I will ensure Moose Jaw has a plan for the future. I know it is necessary to balance environmental sustainability with economic development and population growth to ensure public acceptance and affordability of environmental initiatives as they are introduced and to ensure Moose Jaw's economy becomes more progressive and competitive. I will also work so that residents of our city who are living on a low income are able to enjoy a better quality of life. Affordable housing and improved public transit services are two areas that need to be taken seriously on Council.

I am committed to improving post-secondary options in Moose Jaw so more young people stay in and move to Moose Jaw. Greater cooperation with the University of Regina and the possibility of a U of R campus in Moose Jaw are measures that I will work with City Council to pursue, as is pushing STC to provide commuter services between Moose Jaw and Regina for University and Siast students (STC currently offers a commuter bus service for students living in Regina who are going to school at Siast in Moose Jaw, but there is no service offered for students living in Moose Jaw who are going to school in Regina). A commuter bus service will also be of benefit to those working in Regina who live in Moose Jaw. STC only needs a small push from City Council to make this happen.

I am well trained in advocacy tactics, and as Councillor I will work to lobby the provincial government to take a more proactive role in developing Moose Jaw's economy. I will also lobby the federal government to improve the taxation structure so that cities are able to access necessary dollars for infrastructure upgrades. The taxation structure was developed at a time where most Canadians lived in rural communities (now the opposite is true), and the result is that cities are financially struggling across the nation. Once again, a hands on approach is necessary to make this happen. Just talking about it is not accomplishing anything! I am willing to do the work.

I have academic training in the latest and most innovative methods of city governance, planning, management, and financial procedures and policy, so I will be able to offer a fresh perspective on solving problems and improving services as a whole. I am solution based in my methods. I don't raise a problem unless I have researched and developed a solution to offer to that problem.

I always have a smile to offer, an ear to lend, and I am hardworking and dedicated to the point where I go above and beyond the call of duty.