Welcome to my campaign blog! Watch for my weekly blog posts during the month of August. During the campaign months of September and October I will be adding new posts twice a week.

This campaign it is of great importance to elect the right people to Council. Moose Jaw is a great city with a future that is wide open. We have many strengths as a community that need to be built upon. We also have many weaknesses that need to be addressed through innovative policy solutions.

Since resigning as Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan nearly a year ago, I have been building a vision for Moose Jaw's future. I will be very active in this campaign to ensure my vision for a better Moose Jaw reaches as many of our Citizens as possible.

It really is my pleasure to offer our city's residents my services as your Councillor. The wealth of experience and knowledge I have gained over my years of political involvement will be put to great use once elected. Your support on my campaign is very welcome! Consider making a donation or signing up as a volunteer. Most importantly, don't forget to vote!