Public transit is an essential service for our seniors, working families and individuals, youth, and those living with disabilities in our city. However, the transit system is underfunded and can not retain/attract drivers due to wages and benefits that are not competitive with other cities. Transit is also the only city department where workers are paid only time and a half for overtime instead of double the wages like all other city employees. The routes drivers are expected to endure offer little to no downtime for drivers and require a high degree of quality customer service. There is no budget increase in sight for transit even though service is expected to be increased to access the field house and the new hospital. Service may end up needing to be reduced possibly to hourly routes instead of every half hour. Without enough drivers, para transit services may have to operate on reduced capacity which is unacceptable. There is a need to improve public transit to extend hours of service into the evening so that those working for minimum wage do not have to spend half their day's wages to take a cab home if their shift should extend into the evening when transit services have already stopped for the day. But service can not even be maintained and definitely not increased when there aren't enough drivers to provide the existing services. The transit budget needs to be revised. Overspending in other areas can be reduced to provide the needed increase to transit which is a priority service that will improve the quality of life for all.