For Immediate Release
September 4, 2012

Candidate for City Councillor Larissa Shasko has filed her nomination papers with City Hall this morning. Shasko is hoping to send a message that she is serious about getting elected to Council and her campaign is now in full swing. "I've already been out talking to voters on the doorstep and my online campaign components are fully operational," states Shasko. 

Shasko is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, local economic development, and improving essential services. Her website lists her campaign objectives, such as "ending unnecessary overspending in low priority areas to improve essential services including infrastructure upgrades and increased funding to public transit and the humane society." According to Shasko, 
"Addressing the economic impact of the closure of Valley View through a focus on local job creation will also be key."

With her campaign up and running and her nomination papers filed, Shasko is concerned that no mayoral candidates have stepped up yet. She says she has spoken to voters who are frustrated and confused by the lack of candidates for Mayor so far, and Shasko feels what may be happening is a waiting game to see who will throw their name in first. According to Shasko, this is unwise and unfair to voters. "When you decide to run for public office, you need to throw all of your cards on the table and say I am ready to serve the people. You don't wait to see who else is going to run in order to judge your ability for success before declaring if your running or not," states Shasko. "Voters need and deserve as much time as possible to get to know their choices for the next Mayor of Moose Jaw before casting their vote. Nominations are now open, the election is underway, so what's the hold up?"  

Shasko is currently looking for volunteers to help with flyer drops. A contact form is available on her