For Immediate Release
August 9, 2012

Larissa Shasko is announcing today that she will be seeking a seat on Moose Jaw City Council in the fall civic election. Shasko was nearly elected to Moose Jaw City Council in 2009 with over 2000 votes cast in her favour. She is a seasoned political candidate having sought office as a Green Party representative in numerous elections in recent years, including three times as the Palliser candidate in the 2006, 2008, and 2011 federal elections and once provincially as the Moose Jaw Wakamow candidate in 2007. In April 2009, Shasko was elected Party Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, a position she resigned from in 2011 due to the party's lack of commitment of resources to her chosen campaign location of Moose Jaw North. "My commitment in all of my political involvement has always been first and foremost to my fellow Citizens of Moose Jaw", states Shasko. Currently, Shasko is non-partisan and not a member of any political party.

In assessing her priorities for the 2012 City Council campaign, Shasko looked at Moose Jaw's weaknesses and strengths to develop policy to introduce on Council. Her campaign plan has three main areas of focus: economic development, community development, and transportation.

In the area of economic development, Shasko would like to see importance placed on the restoration of Moose Jaw's historic downtown. She also believes Moose Jaw needs to launch a public sector marketing campaign to attract new residents and tourists. Furthermore, Shasko believes tax incentives to attract new business and industry will help strengthen Moose Jaw's local economy.

In the area of community development, Shasko believes it is necessary to improve public services including environmental initiatives and infrastructure by growing Moose Jaw's population base. She is also campaigning to have funding increased to the Moose Jaw Humane Society, an initiative Shasko says is "long overdue." Shasko will be announcing her plans to improve post-secondary education options in Moose Jaw later in the campaign.

In the area of transportation, Shasko says it is time for local transit services to be upgraded to include service on evenings and weekends. "Public transit is an essential service for our seniors, working families and individuals, youth, and those living with disabilities in our city," states Shasko. The City of Moose Jaw currently does not provide public transit after 6 pm with the exception of Thursday evenings, and there is no transit service offered on Sundays, a day Shasko identifies as a time for families to get out and enjoy a day together, whether it be at church, in a city park, or at a community outing. "Extending transit services will also create new public jobs," notes Shasko. In addition to improving transit locally, Shasko would like to see Moose Jaw City Council work progressively with the provincial government or a private service provider to establish commuter bus service between Moose Jaw and Regina.

Those looking for more information or who want to get involved with the campaign can visit
Twitter: Larissa_Shasko