I'm very excited to be announcing my campaign for a seat as Councillor on Moose Jaw City Council! Moose Jaw is a beautiful city with many amenities and a lot of room to grow. I moved here eight years ago from nearby Regina and have found it to be a wonderful place to call home. Our city's close proximity to Regina makes it possible to live in a smaller, quiet, and safe community while still working or going to school in Regina. I am hoping our city will see more new residents whose daily activities are in Regina but who are looking for a smaller community to raise their families in. One reason why I expect this growth is our housing prices. Although housing prices have increased significantly since I first moved here in 2004, it is still far more affordable to own your own home in Moose Jaw than it is in Regina. The commute is only 45 minutes one way, which is just enough time to think about your day ahead on the way in or unwind from a hectic day on the way home. With a moderate increase in population, Moose Jaw can cease its potential like never before! A widened taxation base will increase the feasibility of employing environmental initiatives such as a city wide recycling program, bike lanes and increased public transit services. Moose Jaw is a city with a rich cultural heritage that will also benefit by a larger population base to draw from. As our city grows, I would like to see targeted development areas including a green housing development community, a creative city development project, and a student housing development for Siast and U of R students. As our population grows, our city can grow greener with the right leadership elected to City Council this election.