1. Improve efficiency, accountability, and transparency of City financial management

2. End unnecessary overspending in non-essential areas to shift funds for the improvement of essential public services placing priority on infrastructure upgrades and providing adequate funding to public transit and the humane society

3. Improve procedures for Citizens to raise concerns and complaints with City Council

4. Think Green & Blue: Implement environmental initiatives using innovative thinking to avoid extra costs to taxpayers

5. Address the economic impact of the closure of Valley View Centre through a focus on local job creation

6. Provide public transit service on evenings so that transit can be utilized as a primary mode of transportation by workers, and address/prevent bus driver shortages through proper funding of the transit department

7. Address poverty and the lack of affordable housing in our City

8. Work with Council to have the provincial government or a private company establish an affordable and convenient commuter bus service between Moose Jaw and Regina to increase access to career and education opportunities

9. Launch a public sector marketing campaign to attract new residents and tourists to Moose Jaw and to attract new industry and businesses; this includes an updated and innovative City of Moose Jaw website

10. Improve post-secondary education options in Moose Jaw

Elect Larissa SHASKO as Councillor.  A voice of reason, a vote for change